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We have travelled the length of Vietnam, from SaPa high up in the north near the border with China, down to Ho Chi Minh, mostly by bus, occasionally by train, and sometimes by motorbike too, visiting every town we could including the beautiful Halong Bay, Imperial Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Da Lat and we just fell in love with the amazing food as we travelled the country, eating from steet food vendors, cafes & restaurants.

The best place to eat in Vietnam is on the little plastic stools on the pavement, under market awnings or outside shop fronts, whether it's noodle soups, like the iconic Pho or wonderful Banh Mi baguettes, the street food in Vietnam is nothing short of amazing. At any hour of the day, you'll find Vietnamese people of all ages eating and enjoying each other's company amid the bustle and noise of a city, where everything is possible on a 125cc motorbike. Eating on the street is where you'll find the authentic Vietnamese food, and is the most exciting and accessible way to experience life in Vietnam.

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world for good reason. Its reliance on unique fresh herbs, vegetables, minimal use of dairy and oil, and high gluten free content makes it a seriously healthy food option.

We have both been chefs for many years, owning a restaurant in London for 10 years, and learned to cook Asian & Vietnamese food from a number of talented people, some Vietnamese, some just with a passion for Vietnamese food and we want to share our love for authentic Vietnamese food with everybody.


We are operating from our pop up marquee at street food venues in Brighton and Sussex, find us @Streetdiner in Brighthelm Gardens just down from Brighton Train Station on a Friday, @BrightonOpenMkt in Brighton on a Wednesday, @horshammarkets on a Thursday, and at many other events throughout the year.

Find us at West Dean Chilli Fiesta, Brighton Marathon, Paddle round the Pier, Joy Lewes, Horsham Big Nibble, Brighton Uni, Polygon - 7 Dials, Brewdog, The Sport & Fitness Show and many more events.

Keep up to date with where we will be each week by following us on Twitter @Caphe Republic.

We are also hosting Vietnamese supper clubs in our home in Southwick, West Sussex, and we can cater for your special event, birthday or wedding too.


We are hosting monthly supper clubs in our home in Southwick for up to 20 people, 1 or 2 days at a time depending on bookings. We have run 5 events so far and these are proving to be very popular and are now getting booked up weeks in advance so we expect to be hosting them on a Friday & Saturday each month from January onwards.

If you want to book the whole place for a private supper then please do get in touch, or if you would like us to cater in your own home then just let us know.

A sample menu can be seen HERE.

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All bookings are taken by advance payment in full, the evenings have proved popular and do sell out quickly. you can book through or you can email to book spaces directly with us.

Places are £35.00 per head, including a complimentary welcome cocktail and Vietnamese coffee to finish.


We keep our menu short & sweet so we can serve our street food fast, exactly as it is on the streets of Hanoi, and keeping the cost as low as possible by minimising waste.


We make our authentic street food ourselves by hand every day from scratch, using the freshest ingredients we can find and serving it quickly and when it is at its best.


Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world for its reliance on fresh herbs, vegetables, minimal use of dairy and oil, and high gluten free content.


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    Bánh mì

    A classic Vietnamese baguette packed with hot barbecued meat, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs & chilli

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    The quintissential Vietnamese soup, Pho, pronounced ‘fuh,’ is the national dish of Vietnam. It is a light but aromatic broth with rice noodles, beansprouts, onions & fresh herbs

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    Com Tam

    Broken rice served with hot Vietnamese stews and curries

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    Summer Rolls

    Fresh and tasty rice paper summer rolls, packed with herbs and pickles, with nouc cham dipping sauce

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    Bún noodles

    Packed with contrasting textures and flavours, with vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, tangy pickle, crispy lettuce, cooling cucumber and beansprouts, peanuts, crispy shallots and chilli.

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    Crispy, colourful and tasty, delicious spicy Vietnamese salads are so incredibly fresh and tangy.

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    Vietnamese Coffee

    Very strong and dark, with a slight cocoa flavour and sweetened with condensed milk

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    Lemongrass Lemonade

    Our very own home-made lemongrass lemonade

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    Vietnamese Art

    Propaganda poster

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